Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System

Product Size (width × depth × height): 170mm × 65mm × 204mm
Country of origin: China
Contents: electric nail care kit body, nail care head (three) head cap nail care oil (3ml) · AA batteries (one)

No tricks simple, attractive electric nail care kit to get used to natural Mototsume.
Morphogenesis, trimmed surface, in addition to the 3 easy steps of surface polishing, moisturizing with oil to finish.
Easily, leading to a nail with a sparkle in the natural.

how to use
Step 1. form creation (using the head 1)
● prepares gently file, the shape of a claw.
● How to use tips: toenails, it is recommended that the trim straight horizontal not cut deep at both ends.

Step 2. surface trimmed (using the head 2)
● polish lightly the surface of the nail, you eliminate the irregularities.
● In order to avoid excessive use, please do not polished one of the nails more than 15 seconds.
In addition, frequency of use, please to about once every two weeks.
Step 3. surface polishing (using the head 3)
● pending the luster of your choice, please polish the surface of the nail.
● In order to maintain the luster, please polish again, if necessary.

※ 7.5ml with large capacity oil product images has become a Limited set of limited quantities, it will be common product with a 3.0ml oil Once limited quantity is ended, thank you in advance for your understanding.

[Warning / ban]
Or immerse the body in water ●, used where a lot of moisture, do not leave.
● If you use with wet hands, not touching the battery.
● disassemble and repair, not remodeling.
● When you care, thinner, volatile organic solvent like benzene or is not used.
● Do not keep it in the place of reach of children.
● not turn on the body and the battery in the fire.

[Note / prohibited]
Thin, weakened, not be used for injured or infected nail.
● Do not use other than the nails of hands and feet.
● Do not share with others.
● Do not drop, does not crush.
● Do not press down with a force of about the movement of the head stops.

[Note / always protect]
● better reading using the instruction manual before use.
● protect the intended use always.
● Use only the nails of the hands and feet.
Too scraping nails ●, careful not to too polished.
● If you feel irritation and discomfort, immediately discontinue use.
● At the time of abnormality or failure, immediately discontinue use.
● battery protects the following things, be used correctly.
■ + - to correctly use Check the orientation of the poles.
■ depleted battery is taken out immediately.
■ you take out the battery when unused for long periods of time.
■ Using the battery in the expiration date.

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